Hi! I’m Cavelle. It’s Nice To Meet You!

Hey guys 🙂

So it’s been awhile since I have paid my “about” page any mind. If I am going to have a blog, it would probably help if people knew a little bit about me lol

So without further adieu, I share my “about” page with you. Perhaps I will get to know a little about you too!

(Wow that’s a lot of rhyming I didn’t plan for lol)

About Me 🙂

Take Care & God Bless ❤



Back To Basics

Hey guys 🙂

Well this has to be a record. Three posts in 24 hrs. Reminds me of the good ole days when I used to have real blogging game. An SEO queen! lol but it’s not really what this post is about.

I’ve had quite the day. A rather emotional one. Some of it good. Some of it not so good. I feel like the devil got the best of me just a tad and so that’s why I have titled this post “Back To Basics” because when we lose our way and let people get the best of us, it’s exactly what the devil wants. He loves to see you fall apart and stray from your faith.

So what are we to do when that happens? It’s simple. Turn to God, and so that is what I am doing right now.

I am mentally and emotionally exhausted. I have been up for 24 hrs now because for whatever reason, I always get one night shift where I just cannot sleep. Oh and did I mention I am staying late for a group work training session at 10:30 AM this morning? So instead of being done at the usual 7 AM I will be hanging around until then and from there I have no idea how long the training session will be…I feel tears lol

My days off are coming up soon though and next weekend my fiance and I are heading out on an overnight road trip. We desperately need this break and so I pray nothing gets in the way of that. We need this time and honestly, we deserve it.

I am going to try and take my own advice and just breathe. My mind has been racing today. I have not felt like myself and if  I can be truly honest, today has been a “bipolary” kind of day. Most days are fine and when they’re not I usually catch this sneaky beast but today it caught me. Not the worst it’s ever been. Far from it, but still sometimes it just sucks when you feel less in control than normal. Who likes that feeling?

All that aside, I just need to turn to what works in my life. God is at the top of that list. I just need to shake off the cobwebs and keep it simple. I am lucky that I have a supportive family and awesome cats lol. Aside from the basic needs like food and shelter, I’m set. 🙂

I have to do this a lot. Breathe and take inventory of what’s good and keep that list as uncomplicated as possible. It seems like I have to exercise this routine daily but it’s good practice and it works…at least for me it does.

So now that I am officially spent, I will close with this bible verse:


Isaiah 41:10

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.


Take Care & God Bless ❤





After Some Reflection…

Hey guys ☺

So my last post was heated to say the least and although I am not a fan of back peddling, I am a fan of self reflection. I have to admit my last post was emotion first and rationale second.

I have stated that as far as a theme for my blog, I am choosing to let my writing journey take me where it may. That being said, I always aim to promote positive thoughts and my last post missed the mark in that regard. 

The article that I read triggered emotion in me hence the article I wrote. The emotion was honest emotion but I admit the delivery lacked tact and that is not my usual nature and so I don’t feel good that I allowed myself to react so hastily on such a hot button topic.

I actually had a really thought provoking non hostile conversation with my brother today regarding my last post and he pointed out something I never took into consideration and that is the fact that my words have power.

I guess I didn’t think much of it because honestly, I wonder if people even read my blog sometimes. In the online world, I am merely a blip on the radar. How could my words possibly have any power?

 Sometimes I feel like I am writing to a brick wall and I wonder why I bother but I know why. It’s because I love writing. I really do and if I can touch even one person in a positive way…whether I know it or not, it feels good to my soul.

Was I offended by the article I read?…yes I was. Was it worth spouting off my feelings in that moment? Perhaps not. 

Whether I am justified or not I am ultimately encouraging the wrong kind of conversation and energy. It was a moment I can’t take back but it’s never too late to reflect and ask for forgiveness.

So I asked myself…Why was the article so triggering to me? As a woman it was very triggering to me because that article made me feel like I had to redefine what it means to be a woman. Go through all the trials and milestones of a woman and not be allowed to own it because society is saying the title must be given to all who identify as such…no questions asked.

I went even deeper and delved into why I wrote such a hasty post and I got really honest with myself…on a subconscious level I knew my article and emotion would provoke a reaction…a conversation.. a like…an angry face…something.

When you write and write and you put yourself out there on a regular basis with little to no response, you start to question if you’re a good writer. Perhaps my posts are not strong enough to promote conversation or an emoji.

Honestly it’s not about wanting to be some blogging celebrity and I did not write that article for such a shallow agenda but it seems like people don’t talk unless you write the way I did in my last article.

Overall, the feeling was real. The reaction and frustration? All honest. That being said, provoking people to only speak up to either agree with my frustration or oppose it? Not the honest me…but it poses the question…Why do people shy away from leaving passionate comments about the positive?

I posed this question to my brother and his answer ment a lot to me. He replied…

“Maybe your positive articles are so well written that it needs no comment…sometimes no comment is in fact a compliment”…

I never thought of it that way before and whether that’s the case or not…I like the idea ☺

So in closing…my intent is never and never will be to hurt. I will screw up in the future…I can admit that but it’s what we do with that screw up that can ultimately create growth and character. I am and always will be all for that. 

Perhaps my last post was charged in emotion and hasty…reactive but in the end it prompted me to reflect and grow and that to me is a win.

Take Care & God Bless 💖


Some Of You Are Not Going To Like This And I Don’t Care.


Hey guys 🙂

So after giving it some thought, I am keeping Mental Break In Progress as is. If you have been keeping up, I recently wrote a post about writer’s block and not knowing what direction I want to take my blog etc etc.

That being said, I have decided I am just going to write about whatever and let things take their own natural direction instead of trying to force one so get ready to be taken on a ride lol

First, I am sitting here on my night shift after a very frustrating check in process ( I work in a hotel) It delayed my audit by literally hours and I am still fuming from it. Don’t you get tired of feeling like the only person who gives a crap about doing their job and doing it right?

Lord, give me patience…

OK there.That’s out of my system but oh I am so not done…this is where the real rant begins…

Today I read an article titled “Periods are not just for women” Article in a nutshell? Another transgender protest and I for one am so sick of this ever growing checklist of rules we’re expected to follow with this whole LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ trend/agenda.

If you’re a woman and you want to be a man…then fine. Be a man. But now that you are a man don’t you dare try to take away a biological function that makes me a woman. You can’t have it both ways! Figure it out. Sex is biological not an idea that you have in your head. I am a woman. I have a menstrual cycle because I am a woman. If you want to be a man but you still have your lady parts, guess what? You’re a woman so deal with it.

I am done being nice about this topic. The only thing I understand is that people are seriously confused about their identity and now they are making it my problem when it’s not. I am a woman. I have accepted biologically and otherwise that I am a woman and I am quite OK with that. If you’re not OK with who you are and want to mess with God or mother nature etc….that is on YOU not me so don’t tell me how it’s going to be just because you are not OK with yourself. You are a tiny percentage of the population with mass media coverage that gives people the impression you are the majority and you expect everyone to conform to your ever changing rules of what it means to be a man or woman or nothing at all.

So yeah if you want me to be “sensitive” to your needs, look elsewhere. I am not even allowed to be a traditional woman anymore. Apparently periods are for everyone! And to males wanting to be women and complaining about the lack of acceptance, that is so sexist in it’s own right. You are late to the game my friend. Try being a woman from birth and putting up with with all the struggles women have had to go through just to be a biological woman and then get back to me. You think you can just switch body parts and poof! You’re a woman and you get it?…you have no idea and it’s insulting to say the least.

And to those of you who only want to be addressed as “they” or whatever ( the list is so long I can’t keep up) I give up. What else do you want?

I am so sick of reading crap like this and being made to feel like I am the bad guy because I want to stay the way I am. It’s like being traditional in any way is frowned upon and the fact that I am Christian on top of it makes me that much more the enemy of today’s messed up society.

The whole agenda is so confusing that I give up. I am done trying to be understanding and sensitive. In a generation where conformity is so passe, I refuse to conform to this…whatever it is.

So call me a bigot, call me every name in the book. I stand by what God gave me and that’s my right just as it is your right to mess with your identity. Get over yourself and stop forcing your agenda on everyone. It’s getting super old.

End Rant. Drop the mic. Have your say, but I for one, am walking away.

Take Care & God Bless ❤


PS: Please feel free to comment on either side but know in advance I am very set on my stance so if you’re trying to “educate” me it’s a lost cause. This post is a statement and not a debate but feel free to try. I figure I should just be honest about that.



The Reason We’re Obsessed With Animals And Not God.

Hey Guys 🙂

In the age of social media, we probably read more stories and see more pictures of animals than ever before.

Why is that?

I don’t know the exact answer but I do have my own theory.

Besides children, animals are the most innocent creatures on the planet. In a world that seems to be going to hell in a hand basket, there is not much left out there that is pure.

I feel that many of us cling to the pure innocence of animals (and children) as a way to cope with the world we live in today.

Animals are God’s creation. One we can see and hear. It’s tangible and since we are mere humans, we can’t help but see and hear to believe.

I for one am a huge animal lover. I fully admit that. When I see videos about dogs for example that have been abused and nursed back to health I cry. When I see pictures and videos of animals doing adorable things, I feel warm and fuzzy.

Animals have been known to provide healing for those of us suffering from illness in multiple forms.

Animals love unconditionally.

That is my theory in a nutshell and now I want to take a detour on the subject…

If we can extend that kind of love and adoration to animals, children and the like, why is it so many of us turn our backs to God? Why are so many of us on the fence or not even close to the fence at all regarding His presence?

God is the most pure, most divine, most loving. He is the Alpha and Omega. He is the healer. He loves us despite our sins. Animals are simply an extension of that in the physical form.

Everything we see around us – children, nature, animals. That is God’s doing! He knows the destiny of this earth. He understands more than anyone the suffering that the world endures now and that more is to come in the future. He has promised to deliver us from all of this.

We just have to believe.

So again, why do so many people turn their back with doubt and even spit at that notion?

Because we can’t see it. We can’t hear it but if you read the bible there are multiple accounts of  Jesus healing the literal blind and deaf through the power of God. They believed. They followed God’s instructions and they were healed and saved.

In fact, if you think God is not here in the physical form then in my opinion, you misunderstand that God is everywhere. You just have to open your heart. Stop thinking s assuming that God is a physical being. He is so much more than that. Quiet your mind and observe your surroundings. If you truly open your mind, heart and soul you will see God everyday.

God is the wind, the rain, the sun, the moon, the mountains, the ocean, the animals, the children…you have probably passed him on the street none the wiser.

He comes to us in all forms nudging us to acknowledge Him, to accept Him, to love Him as He does us…

Believe in Him.

We must trust God’s word and in an age where someone’s word doesn’t go far anymore, it’s understandable the doubts we may have that God is real and that He is coming back for us.

He is. ❤

So in closing, be careful when obsessing over God’s creation thinking it’s a separate entity and is in some way above God. Nothing on this earth is. Not even your own children for we here on earth are in fact His children. We are all created in His image and it’s time we start representing that more and more as the world grows dark.

Be the extension of God like the animals, nature and children. Embrace the purity, be the healer, the believer, the messenger.

Be obsessed with God in all that you do and you will see He is all around you always and forever. ❤


Take Care & God Bless ❤






Fork In The Road

Hey guys 🙂

To my fellow bloggers, I have reached a point that I think every writer dreads. I am not sure what direction I want to take my blog.

I feel like I am all over the map. Do I really want to keep blogging about having bipolar disorder? Do I want to continue a Christian theme on top of it?

I’m not sure…

When I first started this blog I worked hard at it for 2 years. I had over 1000 followers and then I had a major life change. I was convinced I didn’t want to blog anymore and so I pressed the delete button…2 years of work…gone.

Some time passed and I realized I wanted to keep blogging so I started Mental Break In Progress from scratch and for the last year I feel I have fallen completely flat.

My blog used to have direction. A rather clear message but now I’m not sure what message I want to put out there and it’s frustrating. People used to be active on my blog. Conversations were the norm. Now I hear crickets.

Perhaps I have written myself into a corner. I read blogging tips and they all say to stick to a theme. Have a clear direction. Does it really have to be that way? What if I just want to talk about random things? I have seen very successful bloggers who do just that.

Sometimes I think because of the 180 I took in my life (for the better) I no longer relate to the person I was when I started this blog. I tried to keep the same theme going. I started the blog shortly after receiving my diagnoses of bipolar disorder because I needed an outlet and have always loved writing but I have grown so much since then.

I don’t have the dire need to constantly talk about it anymore yet I still consider it to be an important topic as I feel there needs to be open conversation about mental illness in general.

I’m at a point in my life where I have let go of a lot of baggage. I’m in a healthy relationship. A wonderful one. I am closer to my family than ever before and most importantly I have restored my faith. It’s stronger than ever. That being said, I am still kind of discovering this new me.

I see the silver linings. I thrive on the positive now. I don’t feel the need to rehash the trials of my past…but that was my writing mojo…ugh…think Cavelle…think!

The irony of it all is that I have more time to write than ever before. I work as a night auditor and so it’s pretty quiet with not much to do. I should be full of writing ammo.

I guess time will tell?


Take Care & God Bless ❤





Letting Go Of “Daddy Issues”

Hey guys 🙂

I’m not exactly sure how I got to this topic but I think it’s one worth talking about.

The term “daddy issues” is usually directed towards women and their hot mess of past relationships…I should know, I would qualify as a women with said issues.

That being said, I don’t care for the term. It seems rather sexist in nature. A less than stellar father throws his daughter to the wolves and she has “daddy issues” yet it seems a man with the same type of father is extended some sympathy. Just my two cents.

The main point I want to make however is the fact that when the biological father dismisses his role it impacts the future of sons and daughters alike.

For example, my biological father was abusive towards my mother. Physically and emotionally. He was abusive in the same way towards me and my brothers. He cheated on my mother multiple times and ultimately his last cheating episode would be with my mother’s sister…yep…stay classy dad…

Oddly enough my father is still with my mother’s sister to this day and I can guarantee you she is being treated the same way my mother was…but hey she wanted him…she insisted on having him with no regard for anyone but herself…they deserve each other.

I have been home for a little over a year now and my father lives right here in this tiny town yet I have never crossed paths with him once…my brother had the “privilege”  of crossing paths with him at the mall one day…my father made brief eye contact and kept walking.

Despite this, I still wonder about my father. I feel that his current circumstances are a snowball of past ones.

My father had a very rough childhood. His father beat him, and when his mother ultimately left his father she would find herself  in a string of abusive relationships and would take my father along for the ride. No child should have to go through that.

Later in life, my father would be told he had what was then called manic depression. My father rejected this claim and never bothered to seek treatment. It’s unfortunate during that time, you still didn’t talk about things like mental illness.

I wonder what my father’s life would have been like if he had went ahead with treatment. At his core my father is not a bad person…he’s a lost one.

I have not spoken to or seen my father in nearly 13 years. I have a wonderful father figure in my life who I consider to be my father at this point. My mother managed to survive that whole ordeal and end up with a wonderful man. He’s wonderful to all of us and I have nothing but mad love for him ❤ It makes me happy to see my mother thrive after all she has been through. She deserves it and then some. ❤

That being said, I suppose I am somewhat traditional in nature. My father may have given up his title but he is still my father by blood. In between all the mess, my father and I did share some good times and I like to try and remember those little moments as opposed to all the negative ones.

I feel I managed to get some of his better traits. He is the type of man who will give you the clothes off his back. He used to have his own business repairing electronics and he was always good and fair to his customers. His people skills have always been through the roof and I like to think I inherited some of that.

My father is also incredibly smart…I like to think I got a little of that too.

He also introduced me to awesome music. Queen, CCR, Boston, Journey…the classics that I still love to this day.

Lastly, my father played an instrumental role in introducing me and my brother’s to God. We said our prayers with him at night. He would read the bible to us after supper. He was and I hope he still is, a firm believer in God and I sincerely hope God is watching over him.

I have to say both my parents play a part in my spiritual beliefs but I always felt like I had an extra bond with my father on that level.

I look at present day and I wonder when I will cross paths with my father again if ever. Perhaps at his funeral? Provided I even know about it. I know it sounds so morbid but when I do manage to talk about my father it’s always in past tense as if he has already passed away…

Fathers, don’t be a distant memory to your children. Don’t leave them with little moments that they will try to hang on to despite all you have put them through. Don’t let your past become your children’s.

I am not trying to take away the impact of a mother’s actions. It happens on both sides of the coin but there is something about a strong father including a father figure that is crucial to the development of a child. If you are a father with a difficult past, choose to rise above it and show your children what it really means to be a father. Be the one who breaks the cycle of abuse and start a new generation of healthy and happy adults…who will show their children the strong and awesome example you laid out for them ❤

Proverbs 20:7

The righteous who walks in his integrity— blessed are his children after him!


Take Care & God Bless ❤