Trail Of Destruction. Stop Being A Victim!

Hey guys 🙂

In my last post I talked about the importance of seeing the positives of mental illness and bipolar remission in particular. Today I want to expand on that and talk about something that I notice a lot of people doing whether they have a mental illness or not and that is playing the victim.

Some people reading this are not going to like what I have to say and may feel I don’t truly understand their circumstances and that’s true, I probably don’t, but what I do understand is the longer you stay a victim of  your life, the further away you are from leading a healthy, stable and happy life and isn’t that what we all want? For some people, apparently not although they claim otherwise.

I stayed a victim for a long time. Especially before my diagnoses of bipolar disorder. Nothing was my fault and everyone else had the problem. I left a trail of destruction miles long and I insisted on staying that way.

The thing is, having a mental illness comes with plenty of challenges but that doesn’t mean it is an excuse to stay a perpetual victim. Truth is, whether you like it or not, there comes a point where you need to own your actions and you need to take responsibility for them. Stop living in the past. Stop playing the blame game and stop using your mental illness as an excuse for everything wrong in your life and for your actions. If you don’t have a mental illness, I know plenty of “normal” people doing the same damn thing.

Personally, I have to wonder if some people in general whether they have a mental illness or not stay a victim purely for attention. I don’t know if this makes sense but in some cases, people seem oddly content to be unhappy. They can talk the talk but they can’t walk the walk.

If you want to be happy in life you need to take a hard look in the mirror. Own up to the role you have played in your life and the role you have played in others lives. Stop being afraid of being happy! Forgive yourself and move on. Your mental illness does not have to define you! If I sound harsh to you then you are probably still playing the victim and if that’s what you want to be then expect nothing to change in your life.

As Einstein said…

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting the same result. 

So yeah, if you want to stay the victim, that is exactly what you will be. If all you want out of life is a pity party…trust me that gets old fast and you can expect people to give up on you just as quickly and rightfully so!

Own your mental illness, own your life! If you truly want to get on the path of a more stable life you need to work for it and you need to truly want it.

I am not trying to say you are not allowed to have bad days…we all have them and with mental illness it can be that much harder to stay positive at times and I am not trying to take that away from anyone. All I am saying is if you want your life to change…you need to change. It really is that simple.

Take Care! ❤



Meet and Greet: 1/13/17

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Bipolar Remission. Is It Possible?

Hey guys 🙂

Today I want to talk about something that does not seem to get enough attention when it comes to bipolar disorder and that is remission.

Can bipolar disorder be cured? No. Not at this time anyway but the truth is you can lead a healthy and productive life! Remission may not be the same for everyone but it is achievable.

When I first started my blog I had just been diagnosed with the disorder which is about 3 years ago now. I was far from a remission state at the time and to top it all off I was not in a healthy environment/relationship for my emotional wellbeing. Needless to say remission was not on the horizon at the time and my symptoms of mania, depression and anxiety (I have GAD as well) was all over the place. Can you say mixed episodes? Oh how they plagued my life at the time…

Move to present day and things are a lot different. I see a therapist and I visit my psychiatrist on a regular basis. My meds are stable (for once), I’m holding down a job although I did have to switch to part time (which has helped tremendously) I don’t abuse substances and I am in a loving, healthy relationship.

I am not saying these things to brag but I have earned my current state of remission. I have worked hard to change my life around and make sure my environment is a healthy one.

The reason I am writing about this is because many times the articles I would write or read are very doom and gloom and personally I think that can add to the stigma that goes along with mental illnesses in general. Why are we not celebrating the good that can be achieved despite the hurdles?

For instance, the amount of empathy people with mental disorders display. Since starting my blog I have met so many wonderful people and have received much support in the mental health community and attribute that to my current healthy state. I am very thankful for that and glad I can extend the same olive branch.

I am not my bipolar disorder and refuse to let that define me as a whole. I live with the disorder yes and it is not going anywhere and in the beginning stages I felt like everything including my identity had to revolve around being mentally ill.

But think about the trials and tribulations you have gone through in your life. Sometimes the depression kicks in and it’s crippling. Other times it’s the mania that gets the best of you and the “crash” kicks in but you are still standing, you are strong and those of us with mental illness have much more to offer than we think sometimes.

I am not trying to candy coat mental illness by any means but why are we not celebrating the victories big or small more often? Why does mental illness always have to be portrayed as negative. In some cases I have witnessed people in a pissing contest of sorts on who has it worse and honestly, how does that help anything except perpetuate the stigma?

Those of you fighting the good fight, I challenge you to see the positives of living with a mental illness. As a community we have much to offer this world and more insight and compassion than most despite the challenges we face and we should be celebrating that to the fullest!

Just a thought.

Take Care! ❤





What A Nutjob

Kook, lunatic, maniac, basket case, psycho, schizo and of course… crazy.

I could go on with that list but I think I’ve made my point. Words like this are used everyday to describe people living with and many times suffering from mental illness.

Many times people use these words around me not knowing I have Bipolar Disorder…other people do know I have Bipolar Disorder and still use these words. I am guilty of adopting said words myself at times…

But we need to reconsider the slang that is thrown around so easily. It’s damaging and it diminishes the seriousness of mental illness…it’s not a joke.

It’s interesting, out of all the diseases and illnesses that exist most people will show sympathy and compassion for that person. Mental illness on the other hand, not so much. Why is it that an illness of the brain is so ostracized?

I have actually heard people use bipolar disorder as a derogatory term to describe people. Interesting fact…said people have no idea what bipolar disorder actually is they just assume it means something about “crazy” mood swings.

I will admit, sometimes hearing words like that whether it’s directed at me or not, hurts.

To be honest, I believe that it’s words like I mentioned earlier that prevent some people from getting the help they need. They don’t want to be labeled in such a way…can’t say I blame them.

I like to think mental illness is slowly but surely shedding its stigma. There does seem to be more conversation out there and that’s a good thing.

Just know that a lot of people with proper treatment and therapy lead healthy and productive lives despite their mental illness.

It’s not all straight jackets and lobotomies folks.


Take Care ❤