What A Nutjob

Kook, lunatic, maniac, basket case, psycho, schizo and of course… crazy.

I could go on with that list but I think I’ve made my point. Words like this are used everyday to describe people living with and many times suffering from mental illness.

Many times people use these words around me not knowing I have Bipolar Disorder…other people do know I have Bipolar Disorder and still use these words. I am guilty of adopting said words myself at times…

But we need to reconsider the slang that is thrown around so easily. It’s damaging and it diminishes the seriousness of mental illness…it’s not a joke.

It’s interesting, out of all the diseases and illnesses that exist most people will show sympathy and compassion for that person. Mental illness on the other hand, not so much. Why is it that an illness of the brain is so ostracized?

I have actually heard people use bipolar disorder as a derogatory term to describe people. Interesting fact…said people have no idea what bipolar disorder actually is they just assume it means something about “crazy” mood swings.

I will admit, sometimes hearing words like that whether it’s directed at me or not, hurts.

To be honest, I believe that it’s words like I mentioned earlier that prevent some people from getting the help they need. They don’t want to be labeled in such a way…can’t say I blame them.

I like to think mental illness is slowly but surely shedding its stigma. There does seem to be more conversation out there and that’s a good thing.

Just know that a lot of people with proper treatment and therapy lead healthy and productive lives despite their mental illness.

It’s not all straight jackets and lobotomies folks.


Take Care ❤









5 thoughts on “What A Nutjob

  1. Because there is still a stigma and people are ignorant and there has not been enough education about it. Stigma hurts and pisses me off. I know we need to change the definitions of mental illness. I hate when they call it a mental health issue. I do not have a damn mental health issue. I have a severe brain disease!!!! Also, just so you know we are all strong beautiful people and we are all Bipolar Disorder and/or mental illness survivors and we all need to start celebrating that!!!! I couldn’t find the comment link on you post about having writer’s block. Maybe you could post about ways you have been stigmatized. When were diagnosed? Do you have any good support? What has helped in your recovery? Have you ever engaged in self injurious behaviors? ( I Have) What do you think Of Carrie Fisher? I llke to use The Daily Word Prompt Post. I try to use it every day if I can. It helps me a lot. What about post a video you like that relates somehow to Bipolar Disorder. List famous people with Bipolar Disorder. I think I threw a lot of ideas in there but I do not believe any of them are any good actually. I just gave it a quick thought. I had writer’s block trying to help you with your writer’s block…. hahaha….

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