Wow! Thank You!

Hey guys 🙂

So despite the fact I have not written in this blog since mid November, there are still people finding, reading and following this blog ❤

That warms my heart! But umm, it also leaves me wondering what I should do lol. As you know from the last post I left here, I ventured off into new territory with a second blog called A Christian In Bloom.

The theme there as the name suggests, is faith based and focuses on my ever growing walk with God.

I have been taking things at a slow pace and I thought perhaps of closing down Mental Break – In Progress altogether…I did that once before during a difficult time in my life and I soon came to regret it.

Mental Break – In Progress has been my baby since 2014. I can’t seem to shake it and I don’t really want to.

It is clear to me that despite ignoring this blog for 2 months, the topic of mental illness is what I have always known it to be –

An important one.

So now I find myself back here once more and at a crossroads. Do I run two separate blogs? Do I mesh them together somehow?

Part of my back on forth on this is I want to reach people on more than one level. I know not everyone out there is a Christian or believes in God or even a higher power for that matter but despite that, I know there are many, many people who need to connect on the topic of mental illness and well, I know that topic quite well and I’m passionate about helping people regardless of their beliefs because no one deserves to walk the road of mental illness alone. ❤

On the other hand, my faith over the last year or so has grown leaps and bounds. I still struggle with it, all the time in fact but this transformation I have been going through is by far the most important one to date and so as I transform so does my writing.

So in light of all I have said just now and also in light of a new year, I guess it’s time to go to the drawing board and figure this out. As I write this some ideas come to mind already but honestly, if you have any feedback to give, this bipolar Christian would be most grateful to you! 🙂

Take Care & God Bless ❤





9 thoughts on “Wow! Thank You!

    • Thank you! 🙂 Yes, that is where I find myself it seems lol wanting to taste a little bit of everything at the buffet. I do love poetry and I have tried my hand at it here and there on both blogs 🙂 I know a lot of bloggers out there say to find your niche and stick to it but I don’t know, I’m not a fan of confined spaces lol so like you said I don’t really have to stick to any one thing…maybe that is the key! 🙂

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  1. You know, I am having the same issue! I retired my first blog, Daily Thankful, back in November, yet people continue to like and follow it. I can’t figure it out!

    I’m committed to my new blog, Daily Hopeful, but I’m still a little confound about what’s happening with blog #1.

    I’ll be curious to see what happens with your blogging situation! Maybe I can learn something from you. 😉

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      • Thank you so very much! For now, I am going to focus on my second blog, but I’ll be very curious to see how the Lord directs you with your two blogs. Either way, I’ll be trying to keep an eye on your blog writing, as I enjoy your thoughtful posts. 🙂 God bless you as well, my friend!


  2. Write on both blogs for now, I’m certain the answer will come to you, and eventually you will know what to do. I know though, writing on two blogs won’t be easy. I have trouble writing on one. I’ll follow you anywhere!

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