Know The Difference

I mentioned in a previous post that I was going through a medication change and would be seeing a therapist soon. I thought I would update on how that went.

I was lucky enough this week to see a psychologist. First time I have seen one since my diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder back in 2014.

The only problem is, the hospital was suppose to send me to a psychiatrist.

What’s the difference?

Well, there is a big difference actually…

For starters, a psychologist cannot prescribe medication as they focus on the cognitive therapy end of things. They are primarily there to talk to and offer an objective point of view and offer coping skills.

A psychiatrist deals with the medical side of things. They focus on treatment with medication and monitor medical symptoms related to mental illness. They are not overly interested in talking about let’s say your childhood for example.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not upset that I finally got to talk to a psychologist. I have needed talk therapy for awhile now but the problem is, my prescription is almost done (2 weeks to go) and I am out of refills.

My psychologist apologised for the mix up on their end and said he will do his best to speed up the process of getting me into psychiatry but he’s not entirely sure he can make things happen in 2 weeks time.

It’s not his fault this mix up has happened but based on the fact my last visit to the hospital (outpatients)  involved taking me off cipralex and seroquel and putting me on a starting dose of olanzapine for 3 months…I feel it should have been obvious to the hospital that I needed a psychiatrist ASAP.

The withdrawal from no cipralex has been unpleasant to say the least. It’s been nearly a month and things are just starting to balance out but my anxiety has been hard to manage without it.

Seroquel to olanzapine has resulted in a weight gain of easily 20lbs (I think more but I don’t dare to weight myself)  because now I crave sugar like crazy which I’ve never been a sweets person…I like chips…but yeah I was told by my psychologist that olanzapine is notorious for sugar cravings resulting in weight gain.


When I look on the last 4 months, my head is spinning a bit. So much has happened and all I need is a re evaluation of my medication…which has been through several changes in a 4 month span leaving me all over the place…just needed to see a psychiatrist but noooo I get sent to a psychologist who cannot do anything for me regarding my medication.

Can you say frustrating?

This is why I write folks…

I hope that by shedding some light on my current situation, it will help educate others who may be confused by psychologist or psychiatrist. There is a difference and it’s important to know the difference…I’m talking to you hospital staff in particular…

Take Care ❤