Some Of You Are Not Going To Like This And I Don’t Care.


Hey guys 🙂

So after giving it some thought, I am keeping Mental Break In Progress as is. If you have been keeping up, I recently wrote a post about writer’s block and not knowing what direction I want to take my blog etc etc.

That being said, I have decided I am just going to write about whatever and let things take their own natural direction instead of trying to force one so get ready to be taken on a ride lol

First, I am sitting here on my night shift after a very frustrating check in process ( I work in a hotel) It delayed my audit by literally hours and I am still fuming from it. Don’t you get tired of feeling like the only person who gives a crap about doing their job and doing it right?

Lord, give me patience…

OK there.That’s out of my system but oh I am so not done…this is where the real rant begins…

Today I read an article titled “Periods are not just for women” Article in a nutshell? Another transgender protest and I for one am so sick of this ever growing checklist of rules we’re expected to follow with this whole LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ trend/agenda.

If you’re a woman and you want to be a man…then fine. Be a man. But now that you are a man don’t you dare try to take away a biological function that makes me a woman. You can’t have it both ways! Figure it out. Sex is biological not an idea that you have in your head. I am a woman. I have a menstrual cycle because I am a woman. If you want to be a man but you still have your lady parts, guess what? You’re a woman so deal with it.

I am done being nice about this topic. The only thing I understand is that people are seriously confused about their identity and now they are making it my problem when it’s not. I am a woman. I have accepted biologically and otherwise that I am a woman and I am quite OK with that. If you’re not OK with who you are and want to mess with God or mother nature etc….that is on YOU not me so don’t tell me how it’s going to be just because you are not OK with yourself. You are a tiny percentage of the population with mass media coverage that gives people the impression you are the majority and you expect everyone to conform to your ever changing rules of what it means to be a man or woman or nothing at all.

So yeah if you want me to be “sensitive” to your needs, look elsewhere. I am not even allowed to be a traditional woman anymore. Apparently periods are for everyone! And to males wanting to be women and complaining about the lack of acceptance, that is so sexist in it’s own right. You are late to the game my friend. Try being a woman from birth and putting up with with all the struggles women have had to go through just to be a biological woman and then get back to me. You think you can just switch body parts and poof! You’re a woman and you get it?…you have no idea and it’s insulting to say the least.

And to those of you who only want to be addressed as “they” or whatever ( the list is so long I can’t keep up) I give up. What else do you want?

I am so sick of reading crap like this and being made to feel like I am the bad guy because I want to stay the way I am. It’s like being traditional in any way is frowned upon and the fact that I am Christian on top of it makes me that much more the enemy of today’s messed up society.

The whole agenda is so confusing that I give up. I am done trying to be understanding and sensitive. In a generation where conformity is so passe, I refuse to conform to this…whatever it is.

So call me a bigot, call me every name in the book. I stand by what God gave me and that’s my right just as it is your right to mess with your identity. Get over yourself and stop forcing your agenda on everyone. It’s getting super old.

End Rant. Drop the mic. Have your say, but I for one, am walking away.

Take Care & God Bless ❤


PS: Please feel free to comment on either side but know in advance I am very set on my stance so if you’re trying to “educate” me it’s a lost cause. This post is a statement and not a debate but feel free to try. I figure I should just be honest about that.




You Don’t Have To Believe…

But don’t be an ass about it…

Hey guys 🙂

Today I was inspired to write this post based on something I read today on my facebook newsfeed it reads as follows…

“I just wanted to interrupt your scrolling to remind you that you are beautiful…

Also God doesn’t exist.”

There was much delight and a mockery of replies just egging the issue on which was the whole point of the post to begin with…simply to rile people up and basically slap believers in the face as if we’re fools or perhaps crazy to believe in God.

Many non believers will say this more times than I can count….

” I respect your beliefs just don’t cram them down my throat”

In other words shut up with your “God” talk.

However this post had little to no respect for a person’s beliefs and decided to cram their views down people’s throats publicly with the intent to mock those who believe and to me, that is just sad.

I believe in God, there have been times in my life where I have seriously questioned his existence but despite that, given the things that have happened to me in my life, I have reason to believe He exists. That’s my prerogative and anyone’s for that matter who chooses to believe or not.

I am not about to stoop to the same level and mock atheists simply because they think my beliefs are a bunch of garbage but I will call out people who use their words with the intent to hurt and attack peoples values and beliefs whether or not they believe it is truly hurtful. In this case it appears the people who participated in that post felt it was all great fun, even joking about going to hell.

To each their own I say. Why can’t it be left at that? It’s total hypocrisy to call out people’s beliefs as silly when you claim to have none of your own yet you post plenty of things about yoga and meditation etc…good for you there is nothing harmful or wrong in that but if I wanted to be “that” person I could start saying your yoga and meditation is nothing but hippy granola lululemon BS…pretentious even.

To the poster, my point is if you are going to dish it out you better be prepared to take it. I am surprised given the love of yoga and meditation you still don’t seem to understand the concept of karma at the very least.

Did I have to write this post in response? Nope. But I wanted to write this post because I am tired of people hitting others where it hurts just for a good laugh.

That’s Ok… Keep laughing 🙂

Jude 1:22

And have mercy on those who doubt…


Take Care ❤