Training Day

Yesterday I mentioned starting a new job as a cook in a restaurant. I figured I would share my update with you on how that went….

It was awesome 🙂

Although I came home reeking of seafood I couldn’t have been happier. My first day on the job was breading seafood. Haddock, clams, and scallops. The radio was playing tunes from the local radio station (is it just me or do they need to switch up their playlist just a tad?), people were bustling about with smiles and not so PG jokes to be told. It didn’t hurt that I received a warm welcome from everyone I crossed paths with that day.

A comforting feeling,not to mention I was given vanilla and chocolate soft serve ice cream to bring home. Something tells me I am not going to go hungry as long as I work there.

So yeah the shift started out with me breading seafood. At first, it looked like that I Love Lucy episode where they are trying to keep up with the chocolates on the conveyor belt and end up eating a bunch of them instead.

No, I did not eat raw seafood to keep up (even when I lived in Vancouver I could not get into sushi) but I did eventually find my rhythm and once I did, it was smooth sailing from there. My main goal was to not get in the way of my teammates and prove I can catch on quick. Mission accomplished 🙂

I go back today for round 2 and I am looking forward to it. Working in a kitchen might not be the most glamorous job in the world but it works for me. It was so nice to be moving around, listening to music, cracking jokes and going home with the knowledge that my work (even though I am still in training mode) was appreciated and I actually helped make the dinner rush a success.

Oh on a side note, I mentioned I came home reeking of seafood that night…our two cats Charlie and Miss Belle were especially fond of me when I arrived and I couldn’t figure out why until my better half  pointed out the smell. I went a bit nose blind during my shift but he did not lol.

So that’s day one on the job in a nutshell. As mentioned in my last post just taking things one day at a time. In this moment I feel like I am on the right track. I’ll keep you posted as things evolve 🙂

Take Care! ❤