Let It All Out

Hey guys ๐Ÿ™‚

As I enter into a new week, I have put my armor on and I’m ready to kick some butt. ๐Ÿ™‚

One thing I have done to help with that is I have started making a point to get back into church and make it routine. For awhile there I just couldn’t get seem to get it together and just go to church…an hour out of my week, and yet something as simple as going to church seemed like a challenge but I am determined to make that stop.

In the last couple of weeks I have started to dig deep and get back to basics. I long for a simple, uncomplicated life and that has meant keeping my inner circle as close to me as possible and the rest will have to make an appointment.

Self preservation is not a bad thing. โค

Last week when I attended church, I managed to show up early for Sunday School before the main sermon. The topic that morning revolved around being born again, being saved.

This struck a chord in me and actually made me emotional. I had been so wrapped up in earthly, day to day junk, that I wasn’t feeling as spiritually in touch as I wanted to be.

I spoke up in class and asked how can I truly be saved when I am bound to make mistakes and falter? Do I just ask for forgiveness and continue to be born over and over again?

I said, I feel guilty that I have missed so much church. I feel I have let my church family down. I said, it’s not just my work schedule that makes it challenging to show up. It’s an internal thing…it’s me.

When we discuss being saved, I am never sure how to approach it or what to say. I feel I have a relationship with God and I certainly have faith and believe in him but I said, I struggle to come right out publicly and proclaim that I am saved or that I want to be saved and make that true commitment to God.

I mentioned the persecution I feel sometimes as I become more rooted in my faith and more outspoken about it. That lead to discussion that as we get closer to the day when God will return, the bible clearly states Christians will be persecuted more and more each day…

Timothy simply states:

2 Timothy 3:12

Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted


I continued to discuss the fact that am not sure I am ready to go there yet. That I tend to sit on the fence when it comes to making something like being saved offical and so I feel behind sometimes.

I didn’t mean to hijack the class and I said as much but the result of me speaking up and allowing myself to be vulnerable turned out to be a much needed positive experience and great discussion among the class.

Emotional and overwhelming but truly cleansing in its own right. I received so much support from the ladies and they were happy I spoke up and they prayed with me. I didn’t even realize I had so much pent up emotion until that moment.

One thing I have realized is that on a subconscious level, I think the reason I had started to avoid going to church in the last few months is because it was striking too many chords within me and overwhelming me.

Also, I am not used to receiving that kind of support…I don’t know how to ask for and accept it and so it feels awkward to me. I walk through those church doors sometimes and think, I don’t deserve to be here…I am not a stand up Christian. Church reminds me that I am painfully human and sometimes I just don’t know what to do with that and so I hide.

But I am starting to realize and understand what church is really about. It’s not about being the perfect Christian or keeping judgmental tabs on each other. It’s about helping each other as we walk our path with God. It’s a support system, a safe haven and a social outlet with like minded people that I desperately need but tend to avoid.

Today, I managed to make it to church again (2 weeks in a row woo hoo!) and today’s sermon was great. Now that I am really starting to dig deep and allow myself to be open I am getting much more out of the sermons and Sunday School lessons. I am left full with soul food and it makes me feel ready to face my week as I know that’s when the devil works the hardest. He loves to beat us down and encourage stress and worry over the day to day.

It’s also a nice outing not only for me but for my fiance too. It brings us closer together as a couple. It makes us stronger.

I finally have a man in my life who also has faith and believes God is with us. We are able to rise above a lot simply because we hold God’s hand together and if one of us is down, we’re able to lift the other up by reminding the other that God will take care of us.

The uphill climb a Christian faces today and throughout history is real. For some reason, many people cast stones on religion…They associate the word “religion” with being radical, close minded, judgmental, self righteous, corny, out of touch, uptight and stuffy.

This is unfortunate and I am not trying to say none of that exists within the realm of religion…but Christian or not, there will always be someone pointing fingers…always… in fact we’re all guilty of it if we’re being honest.

We are ALL human.

There will always be good, evil and everything in between… more importantly there will always be wolves in sheep’s clothing no matter where you turn but that doesn’t mean you can’t protect yourself and it starts with surrounding yourself with the right people instead of trying in vain to get people to see what you see, think what you think and feel what you feel…we need to stop focusing on that, myself included and turn inward and hold on to the people who are truly there to offer love and support.

Keep your friends and family close and your enemies as far away as possible. Don’t engage, don’t react and fuel futile fires.

Try saying that three times fast. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I made that mistake just in the last month in one of my posts…it reeked havoc on my Facebook page.

People deleted me and lashed out at me…persecuted me…I had a strong, controversial/Christian opinion and when I wrote the post, I was frustrated and instead of just leaving it alone and turning the other cheek, I sparked one of those futile fires and promoted the wrong kind of conversation and energy…for that I feel remorse and have learned my lesson. I ultimately took down the post because it’s not my true goal to start a social media firestorm of that nature.

Does that mean I retract my stance? No. It does not. Could I have expressed myself in a better way? Definitely.

All I know is I am going to screw up and that day I did but the quicker I make peace with that and stop worrying about what other people think of me the better. I have never claimed to be perfect and I never will be.

I think that’s what non-believers need to understand. Being a Christian does not mean being perfect or living some prim and proper, holier than thou lifestyle. We all have free will and are free to choose our own path so maybe we all just need to focus on paving our own path instead of trying to pave someone else’s.

This has been a valuable lesson that I have learned.

There are many things going on in today’s society that I do not agree with. Things that make me cringe…things I find hypocritical and totally backwards… I am sure there are people who feel the same about me and my beliefs but the one thing I have realized about that is to just stay true to myself and walk the path that is right for me. Talk about that and keep my mouth shut about the rest because honestly, why waste energy on and argue with people who already have their mind made up. Why stir that pot? In my experience, it was nothing but trouble…a total waste.

The best thing I can do is keep promoting the positive example I strive to be. Continue to grow in my relationship with God, with my spouse, my family, my friends and my church. The rest will fall naturally into place and will weed out the people who don’t need to be anywhere near my inner circle.

Aim for simplicity, for peace. Sure, you won’t always get it right. You won’t always practice what you preach but I will leave you with this cliche –

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.ย 


Take Care & God Bless โค














Hashing Out Hashtags And The Power Of Social Media.

Hey guys ๐Ÿ™‚

In a generation when social media has taken the place of traditional, human interaction, I am starting to notice a pattern that I find concerning.

The irony of this post is that I have to use a social media platform to get my message out there in order to connect.

There is nothing wrong with that however. I’m not knocking social media in that respect. Social media can be a powerful tool if used correctly. There is no denying that.

What I find concerning however is the fact that serious matters are turning into hashtags that everyone suddenly relates to in the moment. A massive domino effect. Then “poof”. It’s gone, forgotten and on to the next hashtag.

Bringing awareness to a cause is admirable. My blog for example. I like to bring awareness to mental illness in particular. To connect with others who may be going through the same thing. Social media has certainly helped bring us all together, in real time and I find that fascinating.

But why is everything in this world now reduced to a hashtag? Honestly, I find it lazy. We put out a hashtag to support a cause and what then? Many times the issue at hand stops at the hashtag. It’s the flavor of the week but is it truly effective?

I find that trending hashtags can actually cause a divide among people more than anything else. Anyone who perhaps questions the hashtag is many times blasted for doing so.

I get it. Some people who oppose or question the trending issue are trolls and merely want to stir the pot but some people have mature, well thought out and valid points so why the mob mentality towards them?

I see this kind of bullying all the time.

Not everyone is going to relate to or agree with a trend/hashtag and that’s Ok. At least, it should be. We live in a world where to my knowledge, people have the right to speak their mind regardless ofย  whether itย lines up with the latest hot topic or not.

We have a habit of reducing serious matters into mere hashtags and in turn, I feel we in fact dilute the issue in the process. If you show your support with a hashtag it’s like “There, I have done my part. I am part of the solution now.”

Are you really?

Another thing I have noticed about this phenomenon is that it takes the issue at hand and lends the floor to an online “pissing contest” of sorts. It’s almost like people try to one up each other on their personal experience regarding the cause at hand. As if one person’s experience is perhaps more important or severe than someone else who has been through the same thing.

So two concerns I have about hashtags thus far:

  1. It reduces the issue and does not tend to offer an actual solution.
  2. It tends to cause divide,competition and a mob mentality towards those who differ in popular opinion.

Am I wrong on this? Perhaps to some I am way off the mark…to some, I may even be out of line. I already feel hesitant to hit the publish button because I am bound to offend someone for saying such things as they will go ahead and read between the lines when there is nothing to read there.

Some people will never actually read my words and interpret them for what they are. Some will already have their minds made up simply by reading the title and isn’t that half the problem right there?

We can read a hashtag and support the heck out of it whether we honestly know what we’re supporting or not but many times, we can’t take the time to read well thought out opinions, especially if it bucks the trend.

You will rarely if ever see me participate in the hashtag party whether or not I agree, relate or want to support the cause.

Let me get one thing straight though. I am not trying to bash anyone who uses hashtags to support a cause. In some respects it’s a step in the right direction but I am trying to get people to look deeper into the matter and I challenge you to actually leave your home and actively support your cause because it seems as if things stop at the hashtag. It’s a flash in the pan, not a long term solution or conversation…this is my opinion.

I don’t feel the need to list current or past hashtags to make my point. There is a new one every week so I could be here all day citing examples and honestly this post isn’t about putting a spotlight on specific hashtags.

It’s not just the hashtag though, it’s the nature of social media in general. It’s a necessary evil in one hand and many times squandered in the other.

Ironically enough, social media has connected us on a global level that at one time could not be fathomed yet we’re probably more anti-social today than ever before. In other words, we have much more to say about just about everything yet try saying some of the things we spout offย  to someone’s actual face and we crawl back into our phones and tablets.

I for one miss a time when technology was not so heavily depended on for everything. The child in me wants to revert back to building forts in the woods and having to talk on the phone but not be able to walk more than 3 feet from it.

I miss a time when cursive existed. They don’t even bother to teach it in most schools now. In fact I would be surprised if the current generation can even print their name and I don’t mean that to be rude but just to enforce the point that we are bogged down with so much technology that picking up a pen or pencil is almost a foreign concept.

People have actual back and neck problems from slouching over a tiny screen in the comfort of their home never having to take true responsibility for their words or online actions. Easy to say what you want when you hide behind an avatar.

No need for proper grammar. We’re reduced to ” lol’s (which I totally overuse….guilty) and “omg’s” We say more with cartoon emoji’s than actual words…

I also miss a time when people had basic manners and respect for the elderly in particular. I was raised to hold the door open for the elderly and I still do to this day and you know what’s sad about that? Seniors appreciate it so much you would think I had given them a check for a million dollars. That’s how absent common courtesy and respect is in this current world.

Remember a time when if you dared talk to your parents the way kids do today you would have no lips left?

I am not truly a millennial or a generation x. I was born in 1983 so somewhere in between I guess. I embrace technology/social media as I would be quite cut off from the world if I didn’t.

I do not long for no technology whatsoever, yet I relate to an older generation who just wants to live a more simple lifestyle. More traditional perhaps. I use that word cautiously as currently, “traditional” seems to be associated with a closed mind, an old, out of touch mind. Tradition use to have value and a positive connotation. Now, it appears tradition or embracing a traditional mindset is reduced to a stigma towards those who just want the basics. The things that should just be a given like please and thank you.

As my post comes to a close, I hope the take away is this –

  • Aim for balance between a generation of technology and a need for more in person, actual human contact.
  • Be willing to act on your words when supporting a cause with hashtags.
  • Understand not everyone will agree with you just because your hashtag and cause follows popular opinion.
  • Traditional is not a bad word.
  • Some people are jerks. It’s the nature of the online world. I don’t know why we live in such a touchy, constantly offended, insist on stoking a pointless online fire, world when there are better ways to waste time in a day. I have allowed myself to go there just as much as anyone else and honestly, the lesson I have learned from that is it’s not worth an ounce of my energy.
  • I touched on it briefly but this one happens to be a cause I will always consider to be important. Be kind to the elderly. Perhaps they are not as in touch with technology or current trends but I can promise you they have just as much value as anyone else if not more. Respect the time they have left on this earth. Some of them fought for your freedom to even speak and to some of you….spout off your filth…remember that. Everyday. Not just when you happen to wear a poppy on Remembrance Day.
  • Social media is powerful and with power comes responsibility. Hold yourself accountable and ask the question “Would I say this to someone’s face? If not, stick those thumbs of yours somewhere else.


Take Care & God Bless โค













The Reason We’re Obsessed With Animals And Not God.

Hey Guys ๐Ÿ™‚

In the age of social media, we probably read more stories and see more pictures of animals than ever before.

Why is that?

I don’t know the exact answer but I do have my own theory.

Besides children, animals are the most innocent creatures on the planet. In a world that seems to be going to hell in a hand basket, there is not much left out there that is pure.

I feel that many of us cling to the pure innocence of animals (and children) as a way to cope with the world we live in today.

Animals are God’s creation. One we can see and hear. It’s tangible and since we are mere humans, we can’t help but see and hear to believe.

I for one am a huge animal lover. I fully admit that. When I see videos about dogs for example that have been abused and nursed back to health I cry. When I see pictures and videos of animals doing adorable things, I feel warm and fuzzy.

Animals have been known to provide healing for those of us suffering from illness in multiple forms.

Animals love unconditionally.

That is my theory in a nutshell and now I want to take a detour on the subject…

If we can extend that kind of love and adoration to animals, children and the like, why is it so many of us turn our backs to God? Why are so many of us on the fence or not even close to the fence at all regarding His presence?

God is the most pure, most divine, most loving. He is the Alpha and Omega. He is the healer. He loves us despite our sins. Animals are simply an extension of that in the physical form.

Everything we see around us – children, nature, animals. That is God’s doing! He knows the destiny of this earth. He understands more than anyone the suffering that the world endures now and that more is to come in the future. He has promised to deliver us from all of this.

We just have to believe.

So again, why do so many people turn their back with doubt and even spit at that notion?

Because we can’t see it. We can’t hear it but if you read the bible there are multiple accounts of ย Jesus healing the literal blind and deaf through the power of God. They believed. They followed God’s instructions and they were healed and saved.

In fact, if you think God is not here in the physical form then in my opinion, you misunderstand that God is everywhere. You just have to open your heart. Stop thinking s assuming that God is a physical being. He is so much more than that. Quiet your mind and observe your surroundings. If you truly open your mind, heart and soul you will see God everyday.

God is the wind, the rain, the sun, the moon, the mountains, the ocean, the animals, the children…you have probably passed him on the street none the wiser.

He comes to us in all forms nudging us to acknowledge Him, to accept Him, to love Him as He does us…

Believe in Him.

We must trust God’s word and in an age where someone’s word doesn’t go far anymore, it’s understandable the doubts we may have that God is real and that He is coming back for us.

He is. โค

So in closing, be careful when obsessing over God’s creation thinking it’s a separate entity and is in some way above God. Nothing on this earth is. Not even your own children for we here on earth are in fact His children. We are all created in His image and it’s time we start representing that more and more as the world grows dark.

Be the extension of God like the animals, nature and children. Embrace the purity, be the healer, the believer, the messenger.

Be obsessed with God in all that you do and you will see He is all around you always and forever. โค


Take Care & God Bless โค







Link Party!

Hey guys ๐Ÿ™‚

So I have not done this in awhile but I am in need of a good ole fashioned link party ๐Ÿ™‚

I need to catch up with my reading and so I thought this would be the perfect way to do it.

Please feel free to share your posts here ( as many as you want) with me and I will be sure to stop by and visit ๐Ÿ™‚

Who knows? Perhaps you will make some new connections ๐Ÿ™‚


Take Care & God Bless โค





I’m On Twitter!

Hey guys ๐Ÿ™‚

Just a quick update. You can now find me on Twitter! I decided it was time to branch out with my blog so I am taking the plunge…Twitter can be brutal sometimes so pray for me as I step into the lion’s den! lol

Mental Break – In Progress On Twitterย ย bird_twitter_new_single

Hope to see you there! ๐Ÿ˜€

Take Care & God Bless โค